Virtual Posture Therapy

For those wanting the ultimate experience we offer virtual posture therapy to create movement sequences made just for you in real time. These sessions will include photo analysis, movement tests, and good old-fashioned trial and error. These one-hour sessions preformed weekly are meant to address all underlying causes that got you to the pain point you are currently in. Together, we will retrain your body how to move, joint by joint, so you can truly live the pain free life you have always wanted.
• Custom created movement sequences
• Step by step understanding of how you got here and how to never find yourself here again
• Track progress with weekly pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

The Session

What is the session like?
Each posture therapy session basically breaks down to talking, testing, and trying it out. We will start by talking about your past week, any victories, any questions, and any concerns. Then we will do movement testing to understand how your body is moving and make sure that you know what that means. Finally we will start to try stuff out. This is the fun part, where you start to feel your body change and learn more about what it is that your body needs.
For the first Virtual posture session it is a good idea to set aside 90 minutes so we have enough time to get to know each other. I will probably have more questions than you during this session.

Why do we do it every week?
Think of it like going to the gym. If you want to get strong you progressively overload your body with heavier weights and different movements. The same is true for posture.We have to keep stimulating your body to lean how to move in more interesting and diverse ways without pain.

About Virtual Posture Therapy

When should I expect to feel results?
Results are based on each individual. With that said about 75% of people feel a difference after the first session and near 95% feel better by the forth session, so long as they are consistent with their program.

What is I need to skip a week?
Life happens. We understand that things come up. Just make sure to do two things: 
1. Make sure to cancel within 24 hours of the appointment.
2. Continue to do the movement sequence we came up with during the last virtual posture therapy session.

How does posture therapy actually work?
Instead of looking at the body in terms of weak and strong muscles, we look at the body in terms of stabile and mobile joints. By seeing the body this way we can better understand which joints do not feel like doing their job. Once we understand this we can find the right stimulation to get your joints to do their intended jobs again. Essentially, with virtual posture therapy we will help interpret what your body is trying to tell you then help you communicate more clearly what it is your body should be doing. 

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