Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is needed by all and understood by few. Have you ever wanted to get a promotion but through to yourself that it’s impossible? Ever wanted to date someone and thought that they were out of your league so you didn’t try? What about taking a risk on yourself but thinking there is no way you could ever achieve it?

We are usually the ones standing in the way of our own greatness. The potential of who we want to be is in our minds and mindset coaching is the key. It helps you to unlock your hidden strengths, your deeply rooted habits and paradigms to find the version of you that you truly want to be. You are your biggest asset and we are simply here to help you realize it.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Mindset Coaching

What is mindset coaching?
Mindset coaching is a specific type of work that focuses on the way that you look at things. The goal is to help you find the thought patterns that best help you to become the best version of yourself. We then take these new patterns and help you to make them habits. Once you start implement these new habits you can begin to live the life you have always wanted.

What does a session look like?
Sessions run around an hour long. First we will focus on what it is that you want to achieve, whether that is short or long term. Then we will look at the things that are holding you back from achieving these goals. Finally, we will work out a game plan to start implementing right away to get things done. There is no definite time spent on each section as we leave space to tailor your program to you. 

Is mindset coaching right for me?
This is a choice that you have to make, but I want you to ask yourself these simple questions.
1. Am I ready to understand more about how my thoughts affect my quality of life?
2. Do I want to change my thoughts, so they are helping me and not harming me?
3. Am I ready to take responsibility for the things that I can change?
If you answered yes to all three, then mindset coaching is right for you!

Beliefs: Good and Bad

Why would I hold myself back?
It may seem crazy to say but we all hold ourselves back. Whether it is in relationships, career, personal growth or any other facet of our lives. We have limiting beliefs that keep us from unleashing our own potential and we want to help you find those and eradicate them. 

Where did I get these pre-existing paradigms and limiting beliefs beliefs?
From the time we are born to the time we are 8 years old there is no divide between our conscious and sub-conscious. Because of this whatever we are told and saw at a young age we believe to be true. If we grew up where there was constant struggle for money, we will in some way believe that this is how we will live. Other common beliefs can be things like money is bad and people with money are the worst. Relationships are supposed to be hard. Love comes later in life. If I haven’t graduated from college, I am a failure. If I don’t have a kid then I am not fulfilling my purpose. Once we can look at these beliefs and decide for ourselves whether or not we want to keep maintaining them then we can claim power over our minds.

What about if I have good beliefs that help me?
Just like there are bad, limiting beliefs there are also good, enhancing beliefs. These are the beliefs that bring faith into our existence. These beliefs, if you so choose, we will keep. Not only will we keep them, but we will strengthen them as well. 


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