Intensive Therapy

This three day intensive therapy is everything that you need to kick your health into high gear. Together you and Olyvia will go through everything in your home and your daily routines. Rid yourself of unhealthy foods, reduce your stress, and build the programs that you need to sustain the change that you want. If you have ever wanted to kick start your healthy journey this is the program for you.

In order to sign up for this intensive therapy you must qualify for the program. Book a consult below to speak with Olyvia and tailor your three day program.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will these intensives be done in person?
Yes. In order to be as effective as possible all intensive therapy will be done in person.

How long will the days be?
Each day will consist of 6 hours with optional add-on hours.

What are add on hours?
Olyvia offers massage therapy, meal preparation, and program building (available day 3) as add on hours, if the client so desires. A maximum of two add on hours can be included each day. 

Intensive Therapy: Day 1 – Diet

Is there any prep work for this day?
It is mandatory that you take a food sensitivity test and have a phone call to discuss your perfect recipe wish list. This gives Olyvia time to workout meals, grocery lists, and alternatives so she’s fully prepared.

What will this day consist of?
Going over goals and your menu book. Going through your pantry and fridge and ridding yourself of everything you don’t need/doesn’t serve you. Together you will go to the grocery store and replenish your space with healthy foods. Finally, you will cook together and talk about the day, sifting through whatever emotions may have swept over you. We’ll reaffirm that this is truly what you want.
I get that this is a big step and even more that there are so many emotions surrounding food. I want this to be a comfortable and smooth transition every step of the way. 

What if I don’t live alone and make food for my family?
Those that living with and cooking for families, great. The questionnaires and food sensitivity tests will extend to all members of the family that you cook for. Any and all recipes will adhere to all needs involved. Together, as a family unit, you will all thrive and build healthy bodies.

Intensive Therapy: Day 2 – Stress

Is there any prep work for this day?
There are a few questionnaires that are necessary to fill out. Optional lab tests are available to be taken to assess the stress that the body is under. All of these options will be discussed during our phone call. This gives Olyvia all of the information she needs to prepare for the day. 

What does this day consist of?
This day will be broken up into 2 parts.
Part 1 – Environmental Stress: Many people do not realize the amount of pollutants that they get just from everyday products they use. During this part of the day we will look at all cleaning products, lotions, makeups, perfumes, soaps, etc. and make sure that you are using the best products possible. We will also go over the desired pH level of the water that you drink from, wash you dishes with and use in the shower. If needed filters will be provided by Olyvia on site.
Part 2 – Emotional Stress: We have the power to remove ourselves from the stress we feel. But in order to do that, we must be aware of it. This part of the day will be spent going over what stress feels like and ways to deal with stress through different breathing, meditative, and movement techniques.

Intensive Therapy: Day 3 – Program Building

Is there any prep work for this day?
Before we get started with this day we will have a call for you to decide which 3 programs you would like Olyvia to build for you. Each person will have a morning routine built for them. They are allowed to pick 3 from the remaining 5 options: posture therapy, yoga, workout, mindset reframing, and another stress reduction program. 

What does this day consist of?
First, we will go back over the programs picked and then jump straight into the morning routine. This is important for everyone to incorporate because our mornings set us up for the remainder of our day. After that we will spend 90 minutes on the remaining routines you have picked. We will go over, tweak, and practice each routine to make sure that it fits you and your lifestyle perfectly. Finally, we will put together a realistic calendar of how you will implement these routines into your weekly and monthly life.
For example: Every morning you will do your morning routine, on Mondays and Wednesdays you will do your workout routine, on Tuesday and Thursdays you will do restorative yoga, and each evening you will do a mindset reframing technique for 15 minutes.

After Intensive Therapy

What happens when Olyvia leaves?
Before Olyvia leaves you will have decided how many months you would like to include a follow up program. Depending on what you want and need these meetings will be every week or every other week and meant to create accountability and support. This is how you will make all the changes that you started into the lifestyle you always wanted.