Virtual Nutrition Therapy – 1 Month

Use this as a jump start to the healthy lifestyle that you have been looking for. This will be a month dedicated to finding the right 12 meals that fit your lifestyle and create ease in what can be a complicated part of health.


Virtual Nutrition Therapy – 1 Month

Product Details

Month 1 of Virtual Nutrition Therapy

Session #1: going over the results of your food sensitivity test/your food preference
– This will be the first day of your month
Session #2: delivery of the 12 meal menu that includes 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, and 3 snacks
– Scheduled within 5 business days of session #1
Session #3: check-in to make sure that you’re happy with the menu and making any edits or critiques you may desire
– To give you time to test your meals and meal plan this session will happen during week #3
Session #4: final check-in to make sure that you feel you have everything you need to move forward
– This will be the final day of your month

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