Stress Reduction


It plays an active role in all of our lives. Many studies show that our belief as to whether stress is good or bad has a larger affect on our bodies then the actual situation itself. But either way, it is there, on the outskirts of our lives, playing multiple roles. You see, stress can be mental, emotional, or physical, or even a combination of the three. Due to the many ways that stress can take form, we must prepare ourselves in just as many ways.

Dealing with Stress

All stresses can be dealt with similarly. Step 1: Separate yourself from the situation. Move away, whether physically or mentally and give yourself space. But for most of us, this is the hardest part. How do you release your anxiety so that you can get away? How do you not let the fear swell up inside you and keep you from thinking clearly?

Step 2: See the situation objectively instead of big and in your face like it appears at first. See it for what it is instead of what it appears to be. But how can we see through a different lens? Where do we learn to ask ourselves a different set of questions that leads us down a different road. Will this help us come to a new, calm solution instead of the same, stressed out answers?

Stress Reduction AlignMii Can Help With

Whether you need a breathing technique, a simple mantra, or a simple way to move your body, we have got your back. We get it. Stress can sneak up on you. And before you know it you’re riddle you with such an uncomfortable feeling that it renders you useless. But that is where we would like to assist you most.  Where we feel our tools might just be your ticket to a more focused, centered, and calm day.

Long term stress has many negative and destructive side effects including suppressing your immune response, killing brain cells, and being associated with depression and anxiety.

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