Body Alignment

Movement is the most honest form of personal freedom. The ability to get up when we want, walk around when we want, run, squat, climb, tumble, twirl if we so choose is our choice. To move our bodies in any of these beautiful and dynamic ways is something that should be granted to each and every one of us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Most of the population deals with some restriction of movement, whether that be due to injury, old or new, pain, or dis-ease. But we are looking to change that in a very real and pretty simple way.

How Did We Get Here

Repetitive Movement Patterns (RMP) are a huge cause to the discomfort that the population is currently going through. When we move the same way too often over a long period of time our bodies will hold that posture. It saves energy. Why would it keep moving from point A to point B when if could just stay at point B or at least somewhere closer to the half way mark. It may seem annoying, especially when this trick leads to pain, but it is also a huge testament the beauty and intelligence of our bodies.

How Do We Get Out

What better way to get out of pain than by using our bodies intelligence? We are going to look at your body as a whole. Not just as a degenerative hip, or a spine with scoliosis, or a shoulder that can’t go over head, or a knee that keeps you from running, but as a whole human, with multiple joint and an insanely innate ability to heal. At AlignMii we don’t believe that your body was made to break down, rather that it is ready to align to any task that you ask of it. By strategically placing new movements into your day we are going to remind your body, all muscles and joints included, what their jobs are. Once your body remembers how to hold itself and how moving this way resorts freedom and reduces pain then it will adhere to the new way of moving.

Why is this our focus? Why is this our mission above all others? Because if we can’t move then nothing else really matters. Because movement is the new healthcare.

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

1 in 2 working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.

51% of migraine sufferers said that their migraines cut their work and school productivity in half.

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