The Posture Presentation for Your Viewing Delight

A bit about my posture background:

The story that I talk about in the presentation, where my old boss helped my body find alignment and freedom after years of pain was the start of a beautiful journey. It was there that I started to learn more about the Egoscue Method. I continued to get coaching with my boss and was his client for about a year. I loved learning more about my body and how I could be in control of how much pain I was in. 

Then I got certified. It opened up a whole new world in which I was able to turn around and touch the lives of others the same way that my boss was able to touch my life. I have been working with this method for over three and half years now and have helped people all over the world find the keys to their movement health. All of the work that I do can be done with a solid wifi connection because I am a guide and my client is the one who is learning more about the body and the way that it likes to move. 

So enjoy these free resources and feel free to deep dive into the Egoscue Method and find out more about this healing on their website.

Let’s Heal

Knee Pain

Enjoy a simple explanation and an even easier exercise to help with acute or chronic knee pain with this video.

Back Pain

Learn about your body and how it’s inability to find center is causing your lower back pain as well as one exercise to help alleviate that pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and neck tension will be easily explained and relieved via this video of amazing information.

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Of people experience lower back pain


Of people experience shoulder/neck pain

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