The Theory of Movement

I think it is safe to say that there are certain theories in the world that we accept as fact. For example gravity, the laws of physics, and no matter how hard we try we ALWAYS get white clothing dirty. It should be understood that within the scientific community all theories are made to be proven wrong. Yes, we know those white pants are going to get dirty. That doesn’t mean that come our next event we aren’t going to pull them out and attempt, yet again, to prove ourselves, and our track record, wrong. 

Another theory we constantly attempt to disprove is how much movement we need. Now, do not misunderstand me here, it is well known that we should incorporate movement into our lives. We move to lose weight, to get from point A to point B, to have fun, and so much more. As humans have this sort of nasty habit of habit. When we find ways that we like to live we usually stick to them. So yes, we all move, but do we move in a bunch of different ways? 

A Million Ways to Move

You see, our bodies are meant for movement. To bend, twist, twirl, go upside-down, climb, crawl, flex, extend, fall, and much more. Our spines are more than capable of twisting, turning, flexing and extending, bulging, herniating, slipping, and subluxing with ease. Why then do we get issues like slipped discs, degenerative joints, stenosis, general pain, headaches and the rest of the never-ending list of symptomatic issues that are continually spit out by the news, Dr.’s, and radio talk shows, not to mention family and friends? 

We don’t move with intention. Movement is basic. We do not move with the purpose to take every joint through its full range of motion. When was the last time you moved your wrist around in 5 different ways? Our bodies are kind of the most beautiful machine that ever did exist. It lives to keep us alive: fighting off bad bacteria/flora, infection, and disease every waking moment. It can get us from point A to point B in many different ways as well. Think about baseball players. You cannot find 2 pitches in Major League Baseball who have the exact same throw. Mind you be there are 30 teams with 12-13 pitchers per team (an average of 375 pitchers per season). That’s at least sort of amazing, right? 

Break the Movement Routine

Photo by Tim MossholderWhen we have movement patterns, we do not even think about changing it. When was the last time you challenged your movement. The last time you took your hand through its full range of motion? Got out of your chair a different way? Tried walking sideways? This right here, it the reason that pain exists. This is the reason people feel unnecessary pain (aside from freak accident injuries) because our bodies lose the ability to move diversely.

If we don’t have diverse movement then it cannot a) get that disc to slip back into place, b) use the entire hip socket evenly which leads to a degenerative joint, or c) bring the head back over the shoulders after craning for 6 hours which leads to migraines and headaches of all kinds. Humor me. Pick a joint. Move it in as many weird ways as you can think to move it. Notice if one side can move better than the other. Can one side gets stuck. Does it change if you are sitting or standing.  

Did you notice a difference? if you did I invite you to check out a free quiz. Once you complete it you will get a pretty cool movement sequence that will help to balance you out. It will also give you a great taste as to what posture therapy is all about, you know, in case you’re curious.