What is IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is this interesting end of the road large intestine diagnosis that some people unfortunately receive. It has the classic symptoms of any digestive issue: diarrhea/constipation, abdominal pain/cramping, and excess gas. It also has the less classic symptom of mucus in the stool. You’ll get this diagnosis only when a doctor has exhausted all other options. Why is this a last resort diagnosis? Because there is truly no cure for it, at least not when you’re looking at it up close.

The Up Close Version

Because the cause of IBS is unknown there is only a list of factors that appear to play a role. Muscle contraction (weak and strong) can effect how quickly the food moves through the digestive tract. If your nervous system and large intestine do not have clear communication there may be a higher level of discomfort during otherwise normal intestinal movements. Inflammation can cause pain. An increase in certain types microflora can cause changes that lead to issues within the way food is processed. Infections leading to bacterial overgrowth can also play a role in IBS.
Triggers for IBS can be stress, hormonal imbalances, and food.
When you look at things from a close vantage point there is always something missing. It’s like you have all the parts, but don’t know exactly what is it that you are putting together.

Putting it Together

From a further view we see something important: All of these things are connected in the framework of the body. Instead of thinking that one part of the system is dysfunctional all on its own, understanding that it is collective. The body as a whole is on a decline. As more systems become more dysfunctional more symptoms begin to show.
This isn’t to say that every system is declining, or that you have all the symptoms. Rather that if symptoms are appearing there are multiple systems that need our help.

Naturally Healing Your IBS

Photo by Nadine PrimeauSo, what is the one thing that we can do to heal each and every system in our body. We can eat well and eat what is right for us.
I truly believe that it all starts with food. What we put into our body is either going to feed our health or feed our dis-ease. When we are consuming things that our bodies are sensitive to we are sending shock through our systems. We are having to fight something off that is meant to feed our bodies, and half the time we don’t even know what it is. By consuming these things long enough we aggravate more and more symptoms that can have far reaching effects like the ones mentioned above. IBS is a final diagnosis that no one wants to give. Food is a first defense if we know what to eat.
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